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Centre for Legislative Studies


The Centre for Legislative Studies conducts research and offers services and advanced training in the methods, processes and techniques of legislation and its role in the modern state.

Academic Standards

The Centre for Legislative Studies functions according to the highest academic standards.

Practical Relevance

Highly-qualified and specialised contributors with many years of professional experience make sure that the continuing education and other services provided by the Centre focus on problem-solving, meeting students' needs, and remaining relevant to legal practice.


The Centre for Legislative Studies strives to achieve good results with scarce means. Its programme is organised according to the principles of effectiveness and efficiency.


The Centre works together with other institutions who operate in similar fields. It encourages the exchange of knowledge and experience among contributors and with other institutions.


The Centre for Legislative Studies is independent of politics, public administration, and social organisations. It has no wish to attract expertise or promote centralisation of legislation; rather, it strives to implement its knowledge and experience in a supporting role wherever needed. Depending in the task, a contributor to the Centre who is particularly familiar with the problem in question may be called in to help. Thanks to its network-like organisation, the Centre for Legislative Studies possesses a great variety of participants with a wide range of specialist knowledge and experience.